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11 Ways To Make an Amazing Impression on a First Date

1/13 Think Carefully About What You'll Wear

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The way you dress for a first date says a lot about who you are. Show your date you respect him or her enough to care about what you wear.  It can also make you feel a lot more confident and relaxed while you're together. Depending on what your plans are, going for a smart-casual look that is not too understated or too bold and daring is usually the best idea. Women may be tempted to wear something dark and "safe," but studies have found that a man's impression is easily affected by colors. Wearing a bright color, screams confidence. 

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you're neat and clean. Guys, don't go on a first date with a ripped shirt and old, muddy tennis shoes. Though it should go without saying, be sure to brush your teeth, bathe or shower and wash your hair before heading out the door.